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About Us

Poke (POH-keh)

What is Poke ?

The word Poke comes from the Hawaiian language which means “Cut”. Poke starts from fishermen cutting the rest of their catch into small pieces and eating it with herbs on the boat. Poke is a staple food in Hawaiian culture, can be enjoyed as an appetizer, salad or main course.

Traditional poke forms are made of tuna and / or octopus. They are eaten with various herbs / sauces and toppings.

Around the beginning of 2012, poke began to enter the USA, poke restaurants began to appear in coastal cities. Currently you can find poke restaurants throughout the country.

Spinfish Story

2 Friends, 1 Dream

Everything starts from a dream. Two best friends with lifelong aspirations to create a restaurant that is more than just a restaurant – a fun and friendly place, where people can enjoy well-prepared food, which triggers enjoyment in their mouths.

Inspired by warm and friendly Hawaiian culture and local food – poké, we decided to take it home to Los Angeles. We develop menus that not only pay homage to original favorites, but instill a variety of flavors that we have loved.

We are very grateful that our dreams have come true, and we cannot be happier to share this dream with you.

Make your favorite combination on spinfish

At Spinfish, we will always be dedicated to using fresh quality ingredients and serving the best poké you have ever had.

We have taken the concept of Poké and let our imagination play freely, mix various kinds of unique sauces, home made, and fusion inspired.

Each of our menu creations is decorated with delicious toppings that complement your unforgettable experience. The result is a variety of poké bowls that are amazingly unique and exclusive to Spinfish!